about us

Who we are:

Crownage Ltd is a rapidly expanding family run building and development company established in 2013. Because we really care about our customers, our company has gone from strength to strength and has grown at a remarkable rate in a very short period. Our dedicated team aim high and are driven to succeed through the quality and guidance of our leadership.

  1. The key ingredients to the growth of our Company and our expanding Client base have been to offer a high quality, reliable and efficient service.

  2. We have a wide Client base including developers, professional consultants, commercial companies and private Clients.

  3. We continue to provide a full range of construction services from minor repairs, maintenance and refurbishment right through to large scale new build in both the Commercial and Residential sectors.

What makes us different:

Is our extremely focused attention to detail. However, we go several steps further. We demand the highest standards from ourselves, to working practice, conditions, service and finished product. We are never satisfied with just being “Good” and we continue to strive for “Outstanding” quality in everything we do.

  1. We maintain focus on our Clients requirements at all times, exceeding their expectations every time and at every opportunity.

  2. We apply our philosophy to each and every aspect of our work. We consider each project a true reflection of our company ethos and every part must be ethical, moral and equitable for all concerned.

  3. Our sense of social responsibility and sustainability inspires us to continue to improve in all aspects of our business and environment.

  4. Our founding values of service, quality and reliability continue to guide us in everything that we do.